Please Don’t Make Me Do “Stuff”: 5 Effective Steps To Help Encourage Your Child To Do Chores.

Hey Mama’s! How many of us have a “Please Don’t Make Me Do Stuff Kinda Kid?” I personally have two. So that’s twice the yelling and twice the headache. I recently found that these five easy steps have encouraged my children to actually want to do the chore.

First thing First, No child is too young for chores. Whether it be picking up their toys to prepping dinner, NO CHILD SHOULD BE EXEMPT. WE live in the house together we take care of the house TO-GETHER. Often times, children feel that a chore is a type of punishment, but adding a little excitement can simply change the narrative.

So First,

  1. Avoid any yelling, screaming, or nagging. If they are distracted by watching TV, On YouTube, or playing video games simply remove the distraction.
  2. Praise Them. I cannot stress to y’all how far a “Thank you soo much you are doing a really good job” can go.
  3. Times UP! What kid doesn’t like a game? Get a Timer set it and let them race against the clock.
  4. Nobody is perfect Sis. Don’t expect them to be perfect. Try not to go behind them to redo it. They need to feel confident, capable, and trusted to do so.
  5. Chart it up! Chore charts for the win. Visuals are always a good thing. Once they can see what they are actually doing makes it all worth the while.

As parents, we feel obligated to pick up where our children lack or left. One thing I found helpful when guiding my children through a chore is to be present throughout. I found out the minute I left their side they’ll often leave the job undone. It is important that we teach our children to be consistent. Once they’ve become consistent enough to follow through with a chore until completed that chore have now become age-appropriate.

Keep in mind, all children develop at different paces so here’s a list of chores our children should be able perform:

10 and Under: (I focused on this age group because its most relate-able.)

Ages 1-3

  • pick up toys.
  • Put shoes away
  • Brush teeth with assistance

Ages 4-6

  • All chores above
  • Make up bed
  • Learn proper ways of washing during bath-time
  • Dress themselves
  • Make a bowl of cereal
  • Clear Table after meals
  • Unload dryer
  • Water Plants

Ages 7-10

  • All chores above
  • Make Snacks and Simple meals ( Ex. scramble eggs, french toast, tuna salad)
  • Load dishwasher
  • Sweep floor, vacuum
  • Start a load of laundry
  • Fold/put laundry away
  • Assist with dinner

So there you have it mommies, Lets prepare our little humans to be self- sufficient and responsible. I know for mines its rewarding to see them exciting about actually doing something and contributing in the home.

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