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    The Married Single Mother: Why Some Women Feel This Phenomenon Is All Too Common.

    So as many may feel that Marriage can bring families closer together and strengthen a union, as it may, but for some it can also challenge a couples ability to understand one’s feelings without being objective.

    How can one be objective? Well, when you can clearly see the issues that may be arising, however, you are not influenced by the opinions or feelings in considering what are actual facts. Now, many more of us can relate because this does not only happen in marriages, but also in relationships, partnerships, and maybe even in friendships.

    With two adults living in the same household, one can easily single-handedly feel like they are carrying a heavier load. This Phenenomon usually arise in woman and can come from a multitude of events.

    Here are some examples:

    For the last seven years I fall into category 3. Eight-five percent of the time after I went back to work this had been our norm. Now I can I also relate to SAHMs as well because I was one, moving 800 miles away from home I didn’t really have a choice then. Although this lifestyle has been a regular for me doesn’t make it any easier. Here’s why, My family grew, finances increased and circumstances have changed. So I am here to talk ways that Our Men can boggle down and not fall in the statistic of men believing” Its the Woman’s Job.”

    What are some suggestions that can prevent these feelings:

    1. Work together to come up with what works in your family. Tiredness? That falls on everyone beside the feeling of restlessness what else can you offer besides financial stability.
    2. Avoid negating ones feelings and concerns. In society, vulnerability is often a common issues. If they are open enough to express their feelings be open enough to listen and consider them.
    3. Alternate household chores. Constantly doing the same chore over and over can be overwhelming. Try sharing those chores so when one is down and out it doesn’t take much for the other adult to pick it right up.
    4. Give one a another a “Break” for Self Care. Self-Care is a subject of its own.

    Guys, how often is the chores left while one parent is sick? Heck! Sometimes this is the only time “if” that parent is able to relax in some sort of way. Its take a lot for the sole parenting individual to let down their hair and take a break. These breaks usually become prevalent when they fall ill. DON’T LET THAT BE THE CASE! Not to mention the extra-curricular activities, practices, and sports our children partake in. All these things can be a lot for any individual.

    Stop rectifying whose more physically tired than the other, Now like I mentioned earlier ‘The Unbalanced Career Couple’ has two working adults doesn’t matter if one is part-time, one is over night this is that decision was based upon the dynamics of the relationship so that should not be the main topic of discussion. Everyone will be tired when raising our future, working on bettering our future, and so fourth. Let’s all chip in to make this time every bit more enjoyable.

    To Conclude, there is no wrong feeling if a married woman or any woman feel like a single parent. This feeling to shall pass once kids grow older and dynamics continue to change but for the now, let go of those egos and in-sensitivities. Life Happens I get it, well all do. But, life doesn’t always have to be over-bearing and over-whelming. As the saying goes…

    Happy Wife, Happy Life!