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6 Tips on Managing Virtual Learning and Social Distancing: Momma’ you are not alone.

Now that we are full force into homeschooling our children let’s talk about ways we can make it through. I am sure the COVID-19 pandemic has everyone in a different state of mind no matter your beliefs. Not only is this new for the average working adult but it is also new for our children as well. Children, can be more resilient that we fail to realize but it is important to help them transition into a new routine.

Most of us have never worked from home so distinguishing a work schedule from your normal routine at home can be challenging. I had the privilege to work from home for six months while home on maternity leave, balancing a newborn and work always required me to have a schedule. So here’s a few tips on how we can survive educating our youth and preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Set your morning routine. This time is for you momma. Set your alarm and wake up at least 30 minutes before your children and use this time for self-care. Ex, exercise, drink coffee, journal. Gather your thoughts and set the tone for your day.

Create a dedicated work-space. Everyone may not have the space required to be fully productive. Lets create a work space that’s dedicated for school work, or working from home. Use what you have a dinning room table – ok that has now become a study hall. One child’s bedroom- Let that serve. Simple.

Create a schedule. Think about it when we send our kids to school/daycare they all follow a schedule, right? Now is the time to create a schedule that’ll work both with you and your children. I cant tell you how much this will help during these times. Ex. 8AM wake up – 8:30 breakfast – 9AM -class starts -etc.

Allow you child to express themselves. We do not want to use this time to be critical. If we require them to be dressed and ready to learn let them dress in what best represents their mood. If they want to be a super hero, well heck Batman come do your work then.

Take a Break. If at anytime things seem to become unmanageable or you’re feeling over-whelmed . BY ALL MEAN, STOP! `Take a break, get some fresh air. Remember, this isn’t your normal routine.

Spend quality time. OK, just because every aspect of our lives has to now happen indoors doesn’t mean we have to seclude ourselves from our loved ones. Take time away from school -work, take time away from work and play games, enjoy a meal together, call a friend or family member on face-time and chat, or the kids all time favorite – TIKTOK. Technology is our main source of communication we can use it wisely. Let’s not be defeated!

NOW, lets support one another and lets get through this together. Lets use this time to be uplifting, supportive, and Inspirational.

Remember it takes a village to raise a momma, too!

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